Turtle Town Transfer Company

Entertainment Transportation Vehicles

Replicas of 1900's Palm Beach Wicker Wheelchairs


    Kelly Dobbs

    (561) 310-3585 


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     Turtle Town Transfer Co. provides unique, green transportation as well as street-level marketing for all occasions:

  •   Promotions

  •  Trade Shows

  •   Parties & Events

  •   Festivals

  •   Weddings 

  •   Tours

  •   Street Level Marketing

  •   Valet Services

     Our riders are friendly, licensed, and trained to provide quiet, pollution-free transportation for your needs. Our wicker wheelchairs are replicas of the Palm Beach Wicker Wheelchairs used on the island of Palm Beach in the early 1900ís.

     You may have seen us servicing Sun Fest, Palm Beach Boat Show, Jupiter Inlet nightlife area, Antique Row events, Clematis to City Place, touring in Palm Beach, or perhaps at a corporate event or private party.