Turtle Town Transfer Company

Fueled by Carbohydrates & Proteins NOT Carburetors & Petroleum


     Turtle Town Transfer Company is the only

 bicycle taxi company operating with custom made, turn of the 1900 century Palm Beach Wicker Wheelchair style bicycle powered cabs. Each driver under goes an intense documented safety training program before being released to ride on the street for the first time.


     The Palm Beach Wicker Wheelchair design of our bicycle taxis are safe and friendly for our guests. The rider is located behind the guests, providing an uninterrupted view for guests and allows riders to keep their eyes on traffic and pathway as they converse with guests. The riders can safely maneuver bicycles through pathways as the widest part of the vehicle is in front. The leaf suspension on our bicycles means a comfortable ride for our guests.

Turtle Town Transfer Company  is a proud member of the Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches.

     Contact:  Kelly Dobbs, President


    Phone:  (561) 310-3585



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