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     About Palm Beach Wicker Wheelchairs

     In the early 1900s a man known to Floridians as the father of the states tourist business, Henry Morrison Flagler, wrote a daily program distributed at the Flagler Hotels in Palm Beach saying, There is nothing more exhilarating than a ride over the boardwalk to the beach in a Wicker Wheelchair. In these comfortable modern conveyances, a dream of flying is almost realized.  Henry Morrison Flagler did not want horses or automobiles in Palm Beach, so wheelchairs became the prime means of travel. The Royal Poinciana and the Breakers hotels employed chairmen to take vacationers on tours. It wasnt until the early 1930s that horses and carriages replaced the Palm Beach Wicker Wheelchairs.

     About Turtle Town Transfer Company

     In 1995 I was involved in Offshore Boat Racing and President of the Palm Beach County Offshore Grand Prix Festival. On a trip to Key West to watch an Offshore Race, I was transported throughout the downtown area by a bicycle taxi, also called a pedicab or rickshaw. The Key West driver was personable, informational and a great help. I paid the fare, tipped him well and thought WOW, he was just riding a bike and making money. What a fun job!

     That thought of a bicycle job smoldered in my mind until a friend told mine about a gentleman who was building a Palm Beach Wicker Wheelchair from the Flagler Museum.  What is that I said?  Well after a couple trips to the Flagler Museum I knew what they were and was off and dreaming. Shortly after, I was building, riding and enjoying the dream of flying, almost realized in my own Palm Beach Wicker Wheelchair style Bicycles.  

     Henry Flagler was right. To me there is nothing more exhilarating then sharing a Palm Beach Wicker Wheelchair ride with someone. Turtle Town Transfer Company, Inc 

is the longest continually licensed Pedi-Cab Company in Palm Beach County. We are operating in West Palm Beach and Jupiter with plans for expansion to other cities in 2010. 

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